About IPSL

Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL) is a privately owned organization that provides a dynamic range of expert plant management services to clients in the petrochemical sector both locally and globally. Currently, IPSL manages and operates five (5) methanol plants, two (2) ammonia plants and a seven (7) plant complex which produces urea, melamine and UAN solution.


Our Company was incorporated on September 21st 1999 and its Corporate office is located at Caspian Drive, Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Trinidad, West Indies.


IPSL's services to clients include:

  • Project Management

  • Pre-feasibility Studies

  • Front End Engineering

  • Operability Reviews

  • Plant Commissioning

  • Other routine services associated with the management and operation of the facilities. 

The company’s current manpower requirement exceeds nine hundred (900) positions.


IPSL's key aspect of significance among the corporate players within the petrochemical sector is its 100% reliance on local managerial and operational expertise.



























Our Vision


To be the premier choice for project and plant management services to all our clients globally and an employer of choice in Trinidad and Tobago.

  Our Mission 


Partnering with our clients to provide cost effective, globally competitive process plant and project management services with an uncompromising commitment to the safety, development and well-being of our employees and the environment.

Our Values


Principled Leadership


Our decisions are framed by what we hold as absolute truths based on our core values.


Client Centered


Our reputation regarding efficient product delivery and proactive technical care remains unmatched within the local industry.

Health, Safety and the Environment Focused

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and others who work, visit or enter the facilities.


Good Corporate Governance


We are committed to being a responsible partner by building productive, collaborative and strategic relationships with business, government and community entities.



We are accountable to our stakeholders for meeting agreed targets in a cost effective manner.


Professionalism and Superior Performance

We continuously strive for excellence by establishing quality systems in order to maintain global benchmark standards in all our operations. Excellent performance is encouraged and rewarded.



We are team oriented and provide an inclusive environment where diversity of people, perspectives and experiences are valued.


Employee Development and Well Being


We are constantly in pursuit of opportunities that contribute to business growth and provide opportunities for personal development.



Business Units

Structured into three key business units:


Methanol Division (5 Methanol Plants)

  • M1 (1984)
  • M2 (1993)
  • M3 (1996)
  • M4 (1998)
  • M5000 (2005)

Ammonia Division (2 Ammonia Plants)

  • CNC (2002)
  • Nitrogen 2000 Unlimited (2004)

AUM Division (Train of 7 Plants; 2009 - 2010)

  • Ammonia Plant
  • Urea Plant
  • Nitric Acid Plant
  • Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) Plant
  • Melamine I Plant
  • Melamine II Plant
  • Utilities Complex


Caribbean Nitrogen Company (CNC), Trinidad and Tobago

Commissioning of the CNC ammonia plant (2002), five (5) months ahead of the scheduled thirty (30) months without any major incidents.  


Nitrogen 2000 Limited (N2K), Trinidad and Tobago

Commissioning of the N2000 ammonia plant in 2004 was five (5) months ahead of a new shortened schedule of twenty-eight (28) months. This surpassed the CNC performance by two (2) months, again without any major incidents.


M5000, Trinidad and Tobago

IPSL operates M5000 which has a name plate capacity for producing 5400 metric tones of methanol per day. This makes it the largest methanol plant in the world. Site preparation started in 2002, mechanical completion was achieved in 2005 and production commenced later that year.

Methanol Plant, The Sultinate of Oman

Internationally, Oman Plant Services LLC (OPSL), a partnership involving IPSL, was appointed the Operator by the Oman Methanol Company LLC to provide Engineering Services, Plant Operations and Management of a 3000 MTPD Methanol Plant in the Sultanate of Oman. This project ran from 2003 to 2010 when the finished plant was handed over to OPSC.


Company Growth


Methanol Division

The total design capacity or 'name-plate' metric tonnes of methanol produced per day for the M1 to M4 Plants is 6230. This was increased by 5400 metric tonnes per day since the commissioning of the M5000 Plant in September 2005, reflecting an increase in production by 86.6%.


Ammonia Division
Production increased by 100% at the Ammonia Division from 1850 metric tonnes of ammonia produced per day at the CNC Plant to over 3600 metric tonnes per day with the addition of the  Nitrogen 2000 Plant.


AUM Division

Our design basis for this division is to produce over 4 million metric tonnes per year of UAN solution, 2.1 million metric tonnes per year of Urea, 1.9 million metric tonnes per year of Ammonia, 1.5. million metric tonnes of Nitric Acid and 180,000 metric tonnes per year of Melamine.



  Industrial Plant Services Limited.Caspian Drive, Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Couva. Trinidad & Tobago West Indies.Tel:(868) 636-6988.Fax:(868) 679-1938