Our Employees


Professionalism is at the heart of IPSL's employees.  We are goal oriented, proactive, problem solvers ready to accept the challenges of the dynamic petrochemical industry. This fact is evidenced by the exceptional operations and maintenance records of the MI, MII,  MIII, MIV and MV methanol plants, the Ammonia Urea Melamine (AUM) plants together with the CNC and N2K ammonia facilities.


The combination of energy, drive and enthusiasm of our workforce along with our extensive experience base gives IPSL a competitive edge as a premier choice for plant management services.


Our Employment Principles

IPSL believes in the guiding principles of fair recruitment and selection, competitive remuneration, consideration for our employees' welfare, and continuous performance management.


The minimum requirements for entry into IPSL are as follows:


   Technicians: Operations, Engineering & Maintenance, HSE and Quality Control positions require a Mechanical or Electrical Engineering Technician’s Diploma, Process Operations Diploma or a Certificate in Environmental Management or Occupational Health & Safety.


   Engineers: Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical/Process, Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering.


   Support Services: Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance and Materials Professionals positions require a Bachelor of Science Degree and/or relevant certification from accredited professional bodies in the relevant discipline.


   Administrative Support: Full secondary school level certificate and professional secretarial and/or administrative qualifications.


On The Job Training Opportunities

IPSL offers university students the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment and gain work experience as well as initiate relationships with IPSL through our IPSL’s Annual Vacation student programme and upon completion through our Graduate in Training (GIT) Programme.  Students are encouraged to send their resumes to our Human Resources Department via email vacancy@ipsl.co.tt by April and August respectively for consideration.


Students enrolled in technical programs are also provided with the practical work experience to supplement their theoretical learning through internship programmes during the year.

Staffing Composition

IPSL currently provides management and operation services in the ammonia and methanol industries through a workforce of over nine hundred employees.


Employee Distribution




Plant Operations


Engineering and Maintenance


Technical Services (Risk Management, Process Engineering & Laboratory Services)






Corporate Services (Human Resources, Information Technology & Finance, Internal Audit and Compliance)



IPSL's dynamic operational activities make for continued internal and external employment opportunities. Further information can be sourced via Vacancy Online.

Departments Within IPSL


At each department of IPSL, there are six (6) Departments which are responsible for the management and operation of the facilities.  These Departments are Plant Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, Technical Services, HSE&Q, Materials Management and Corporate Services.   Details of the functions of each department are outlined below:


Plant Operations


Responsible for ensuring that production targets are met.  This includes: Effectively monitoring the use of raw materials and utilities; managing dock operations to ensure that the product for export leaves Trinidad safely and within the required specifications.


This department is also responsible for the safe and efficient operations of the Plant to ensure production efficiencies, budgeted plant on stream factors and equipment reliability through the optimization of its available resources. The health, safety and well being of all plant personnel is also the responsibility of Plant Operations.


Engineering and Maintenance


Responsible for the maintenance of engineering systems for each plant. This includes: Setting up of systems for Predictive Maintenance; Routine Maintenance; Improving Plant Reliability / Inspection and Failure Analysis; Planning and execution of Plant Turnarounds and Shutdowns .Also responsible for formulating Engineering & Maintenance technical policies, strategies and programmes to ensure optimal performance of the facility in keeping with recognized world class standards.


Technical Services


Responsible for the provision of quality support services in an effort to optimize plant operations.  Main areas of focus include: Laboratory Quality Control, Process Engineering.


Health, Safety Environment and Quality


Responsible for developing, maintaining, promoting and coordinating an integrated HSE management system inclusive of process safety while providing expert information and resources to meet our corporate and divisional objectives.

This department assists the line by building good safety awareness attitudes and trains employees in all aspects of accident prevention. Maintaining contact with regulating agencies and keeping informed of relevant legislation and best industry practices are also critical responsibilities of the department.

Materials Management

Responsible for the procurement of goods, services and inventory management functions, inclusive of contract negotiation for service on behalf of the Company.


Corporate Services


This department supports the organization through four (4) sub-units:


Human Resources

Responsible for the development, implementation and administration of systems as it relates to the Company’s human resource function.  

Specific areas of focus include: Recruitment and Selection; Training and Development; Manpower/Succession Planning; Compensation and Benefits Administration; Employee Relations; Corporate Communications.


Information Technology

Responsible for managing all aspects of information technology within the Company.  Specific areas of focus include: Infrastructural Systems e.g. Servers, PCs and Network Administration; Applications Systems e.g. Main Applications and PC Applications.



Responsible for the establishment of financial accounting systems to ensure that client obligations are met.  Specific areas of focus include: Budgeting; Financial reporting and control; Performance Management and Business Process Improvement.


Internal Audit and Compliance

Established to assist IPSL achieve a robust and documented system of internal controls, aimed at attaining better corporate governance through transparency, sound ethical practices and effective monitoring activities.
Specific areas of focus include: Financial policies; Contract Award procedures; Operational audits; Compliance reviews; Business Process Re-engineering; Education and Training.










Employee Activities


While we at IPSL strive to be the global leaders in methanol and ammonia production, we ensure that our employees maintain the right balance between work and social life.  We emphasize the total well being of our employees.


The word ‘family’ has significant meaning at IPSL.  Our social events are organized to cater to not only our employees but also to their families.  This may range from sporting to other social type activities.


Employees are encouraged to participate in company planned events and eagerly look forward to each of them.   Activities held during the year include:


Sporting Activities

IPSL organizes football, cricket and various card competitions throughout the year.


HSE Week

This week of events is planned in conjunction with other companies on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate and is geared towards heightening employee awareness of maintaining a healthy body and mind and appreciating the environment.


Sports & Family Day

This event is held biennially.  Events are organized for both adults and children. It is a day of competition and fun for employees and their families.


Children’s Christmas Party

This special event is held every year during the Christmas season.  The children of employees and their guests are invited to share in treats, fun-filled activities and gifts distributed by Santa Claus.


Staff Christmas Dinners

This is the highlight of the year for all employees.  Every December, our employees eagerly anticipate the Christmas Dinners that are usually held at Trinidad’s premier hotels and restaurants.



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