Doing Business with IPSL   




Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL) prides itself as a company of integrity that upholds the principles of honesty, fair play and transparency in its operations. Employees and procurement personnel in particular are required to treat all business transactions in a very professional manner while upholding the highest ethical standards.


Through its prequalification process, vendors and contractors are afforded the opportunity to register and qualify for the supply of goods and services. The companyís tendering process has proven over the years to be robust and fair and has been able to ensure that good relations are maintained with its vendors and contractors. Such commitment is clearly stated in the General Terms and Conditions for doing business with IPSL.


The company continues its interactions with vendors and contractors by holding meetings to establish expectations, clarify issues and to provide a direct face to face opportunity for the exchange of ideas for improvement in its relationship with vendors and suppliers who are integral to its operations. Initiatives are being currently pursued to develop and encourage the use of electronic systems in its vendor/contractor management and tendering process.  



The following contribute to IPSLís Pre-Qualification Process:

  • Terms and Conditions (Kindly review the 2 documents and website below)

  1. IPSL General Terms and Conditions

  2. IPSL Contractor HSE Requirements

  3. About STOW certification at

  • Prequalification Documents

  1. To prequalify for the provision of supplier products only click here

  2. To prequalify for the provision of contractor services only click here

  3. To prequalify for the provision of BOTH supplier product and contractor services click here





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